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Established and based in Athens since 2014, Under A Groove started as an independent record label and a personal project of Konstantinos Stamou, a musician and a videographer. His main goal was to release the music of his own projects but soon enough evolved into video and music production services. Collaborating with the critically acclaimed photographer Dimitris Poupalos, he has contributed in both commercial and cinematic video productions, adopting Dimitris' unique visual vocabulary and his special relationship between artificial and natural light. Using top-notch technologies and equipment, their workflow involves lighting design, motion control and visual engineering as a way to tell stories through their work. 

Music-wise, Konstantinos is a founding member, bass player and composer of the musical collective Wolfy Funk Project who has released two records, several digital singles and a short film. He has collaborated with various Greek artists in recording and producing original music as well as performing live. He also composed music for the Merlin Puppet Theatre's show "Noone's Land". 


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